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Handwriting is more than just a skill.

In the digital age, when our children struggle with handwriting skills, we parents struggle to help them. We’re pressured into drilling writing skills without addressing the critical motor and developmental foundations those skills need.

Flourishing Littles provides targeted programs, consultation, and resources for handwriting support for writers of all ages, from pre-k through adults.

Want specific advice?

Build a strategy to improve your child’s handwriting by booking a consultation with me.

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What’s coming up?

When it comes to summer time, intensives are the way to go! This will allow us to target your child’s needs and set them up to practice all summer long without losing their break. 🙂

In person programs are in Central Maryland, or you can sign up for a virtual bundle with asynchronous coaching support.


Explore the relationship between core strength, mindfulness, and handwriting control with yoga. Is your child OVER IT when it comes to handwriting practice? Hide the handwriting veggies in a yoga sauce by taking a whole body and mind approach.

Pre-writing Skills (Pre-K)

Establish a solid base for your child’s handwriting skills. Ditch the table work—this program strengthens your child’s fundamental gross motor skills that support good posture, stability, and attention for handwriting success!

Summer Tune-Up

Safeguard your child’s hard won handwriting progress and refine core mechanics with a summer tune-up! This program gives structure to habits and keeps it fresh so that your child continues progressing while school is out.