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Handwriting is more than just a skill.

In the digital age, when our children struggle with handwriting skills, we parents struggle to help them. We’re pressured into drilling writing skills without addressing the critical motor and developmental foundations those skills need.

Flourishing Littles provides targeted programs, consultation, and resources for handwriting support for writers of all ages, from pre-k through adults.

Want specific advice?

Build a strategy to improve your child’s handwriting by booking a consultation with me.

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What’s coming up?

In person programs are in Central Maryland, or you can sign up for a virtual bundle with asynchronous coaching support.

Summer Intensive (Coming Soon!)

Looking for a quick boost for your child’s handwriting improvement? Intensives are a 10 week program of 75 minute small group sessions that provide a fast, long-lasting refinement of key handwriting skills! Each group is limited to 6 students.

Self Paced

Help your child refine their handwriting skills at their own speed and convenience with a self-paced program. Structured lessons and exercises cover letter formation, spacing, foundational skill refinement and more. Includes extra support through asynchronous coaching.

Private Instruction

Looking for a highly customized experience in a 1:1 setting? Book an intake session where we can determine target areas, align on goals for your child’s handwriting, and assess if private instruction is right for you.

Readiness skills

Help your pre-schooler master the foundational developmental skills required for handwriting readiness! Semi-private, private and asynchronous packages for 3-4 year olds as well! Fill out an interest form to learn more.